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My experience includes more than 12 years of marketing, public relations, design and creative brand development across a broad spectrum of sectors including SaaS, aerospace, energy, and CPGs; from start-ups to high profile corporations
such as DreamWorks.

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How can PR help your business?

I'm a senior marketing and communications expert with a hands-on, creative approach

I don't use sub-contractors. I work as a remote member of your marketing team, a full-service agency, or an hourly freelancer.

Who is this guy, anyways?

I've won branding awards, been featured in Adweek, produced events with Google, helped raise more than $70 million in venture capital, and featured clients in the New York Times, WSJ, USA Today and more. Read about me here, or check out my blog for more examples of my work.

New Packaging is a hit for FarmTech Brand

Six months nearly to the day as I write this, I began the task of developing a new brand for Link 4, a farm tech company that uses greenhouse sensors to track environmental data. This data is used by greenhouse growers of everything from blueberries to marijuana to flowers. Interestingly, the tech is also used […]

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Three Tips for Better Public Relations Success

Every company wants more press, but not all of them properly earn it. As a public relations consultant, I never spam members of the press with wasteful pitches, impersonal requests, or blatant attempts to sell product through weak press releases. For these reasons, I have a great track record for getting genuine newsworthy stories published for my clients. […]

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4 Tips for Marketing a Challenger Brand

Challenger brands have always existed, however, the label is new. But “challengers” are more than just an underdog category of brands trying harder to topple their market leader. Being a challenger brand is a markedly different approach to running a company. Like breakout brands, stalwart brands, startups and legacy brands, challenger brands must operate within […]

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