Many years ago I helped my client Silverlight Digital launch a simple webinar – their State of Digital report was delivered online with the goal of helping others in the industry understand current digital trends and emerging best practices. Today, the webinar has evolved into a huge live event we call, “Pulse”. Now in its 5th year, the conference has grown to a standing-room-only crowd, filling the most coveted conference room at Google in New York City

(Credit Amy Turnquist)
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The conference kicked off with warm welcomes from Silverlight CEO, Lori Goldberg & Google’s Group Lead, Matan Ariel. Understanding that the goal of these events is not just learning but also connection, attendees were encouraged to get to know each other by sharing details about the therapeutic areas they have expertise in and produce a visual representation of how our collective experiences create a cohesive view of the patient.

In the first session, “Is there a Doctor in the House?”, Silverlight Digital CEO Lori Goldberg moderated a panel discussion with four practicing physicians to gain insight into their personal interactions with technology, and the corresponding opportunities available to digital marketers to engage with their target practitioners.

The second presentation, “Human Truths: Health as Wellness,” invited Sofie Holt, Global Insights Analyst with Google to the stage to share insight into what consumers are looking for online. Google search data has been referred to as a truth elixir; people will tell Google things that they might not tell family members, doctors, focus groups, friends or researchers since searches can be anonymous and private. Analyzing search activity gives us a unique view into consumer concerns, interests, and needs.

One of the most actionable presentations of the day was delivered by Ruth Nightengale, Director, Search and Social Media at Silverlight – “Conquering Conquesting”

The data shows that it’s getting easier to earn your customer’s customer. Loyalty is hard won, so it makes sense that we are seeing growth in competitive conquesting tactics. But what should you do when you discover that your competitors are conquesting your search traffic by bidding on your branded keywords?

Before diving into strategies, Ruth provided tips for marketers to help them recognize when this is happening. Rather than spending time daily searching for your branded terms, look for these key indicators that can alert you to competitive activity:

1. A sudden increase in the cost of your brand terms
2. You may lose the top ranking for your brand’s name
3. Dramatic changes in CTR that you can’t explain
4. Content sites and OTC brands have entered the space
5. Inability to spend at regular budget levels