Every company wants more press, but not all of them properly earn it. As a public relations consultant, I never spam members of the press with wasteful pitches, impersonal requests, or blatant attempts to sell product through weak press releases. For these reasons, I have a great track record for getting genuine newsworthy stories published for my clients. Here are a few tips on better managing your company’s PR strategy:

Be Interesting: So many companies want more press than they deserve. The fact is, many businesses simply are not interesting enough to warrant attention from journalists. After all, the press is trying to serve readers with compelling content – we can’t be boring here. My advice is to look hard at what is truly compelling about your company and don’t use PR simply as a means to sell more product.

Google Alerts: Forget costly clippings services to measure your press reach. A free Google Alert account is all you need. With Google Alerts, you receive an email every time your company is mentioned on the web along with a link to the article. Easy.

Tell great stories: Journalists didn’t learn their craft so they can pitch your products and services to readers. Respect the fact that journalist are amazing storytellers. Be honest and open when sharing your story. Don’t be too self promotional. Don’t be afraid of admitting your flaws – every business has them. By doing this, you will find that journalist have a great respect for your business and will be more likely to write about you.