Public Relations

OCBJ Wind WonderI am able to get meaningful publicity for companies – not because of a great rolodex of powerful contacts – but because I can tell great stories about the companies I work for. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship with the press; a much healthier way to operate in my opinion. My rich storytelling background in creative writing and motion pictures has allowed me to get press coverage for the companies I’ve worked for in AdWeek, USA Today, CNET, TechCrunch, BusinessWeek, Orange County Register, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, and many more.


  • Winner: 2015 Hermes Creative Platinum Award
  • Silverlight Digital featured on stage at AdTech New York
  • My viral video “Free Kisses” was featured in AdWeek
  • I partnered with Google to produce a popular digital advertising seminar
  • Dr. Terry O’Neil featured in OC Metro Magazine’s “Hot 25 People of the Year”
  • Orange County Business Journal cover story on Modular Wind Energy
  • Market research reports featured in USA Today
  • Frequent guest-lecturer at Chapman University on the topic of public relations
  • Contributing writer for three digital advertising online journals


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