Press Clippings

CBS This Morning “Auticon sees benefit of having a majority-autistic workforce”
Fast Company Magazine “World Changing Ideas”
CNBC “Two-third of our team is autistic”
Univision’s ¡Despierta América!
Spectrum One News “Focus on Employing Individuals with Autism”
New York Times Magazine “Open Office”
BBC News “The firm whose staff are all autistic”
KNX News Radio Los Angeles
Los Angeles Daily News “These training programs steer adults on the autism spectrum into high-tech jobs in coding and computer animation”
Los Angeles Times “Vegan fulfills lifelong dream by scaling Mt. Everest”
Adweek “Free kisses”
Wall Street Journal “Let your fingers do the … surfing”
Orange County Register “Cold coming on?”
Automotive News “CU Direct network climbs to No. 2 in auto loan originations”
Credit Union Times “CU Direct’s Drive”
Credit Union Journal “CU Direct rises to the top of auto lenders”
Marijuana Business Magazine “The Executive Page: Yen Pham”
Windpower Monthly “Wind turbine blades of the future”
Orange County Business Journal “Incubator backs female led startups”
Tech Crunch “SMB Spending”
VentureBeat “Interactive ad tech gets $12 million more”
Bustle “This gum is so confident”
CompositesWorld “Modular design eases big wind”
Auto Finance News “How credit unions captured marketshare”
Orange County Register “Climber survives an avalanche”
Los Angeles Business Journal “Online ad company moves to Los Angeles”
Orange County Register “Incubator nurtures women”
Entrepreneur “Does your business still need a website?”

Client Speaking Events

Pulse @ Google NYC
Milestones Autism Conference
BioPharma eMarketing Summit 2019
Philly Ad Club, Philadelphia
iMedia Breakthrough Summit, Santa Barbara
iMedia Agency Summit, Scottsdale
Wind Speakers Congress, Husum
AdTech, New York
Nielsen Growth Summit, Bevely Hills
AdTech, London
American Express Open Forum, Seattle

Published Articles and Ghost Writing

Finding Patient X (Clinical Trials Magazine)
The market viability of orphan drugs—pharmaceuticals targeting rare diseases and disorders—has gained significant traction in recent years, generally from the lack of competition and high financial rewards. However, the risk is significant and finding patients to monetize the investment makes it a precarious business.

The Discovery of Intent (PM360)
So often consumers are inundated with advertisements that lack understanding of intent. In some cases, such as radio and television, advertisers reach a generic audience and so much is thrown at consumers that there is a hope some small piece of it will stick, persuading the purchase of a new product.

Marketing analytics: what your web traffic says about your business (EConsultancy)
In digital advertising, we have an uncommon ability to collect user data that’s superior to other forms of advertising data; particularly compared to what’s available in TV or print.

Surprising Ways To Ruin Digital Advertising Strategy (Mediapost)
This is not another advice column on how to better optimize keywords or A/B testing your ads for better results. Many businesses — perhaps new to digital media — are frequently surprised at the ancillary benefits and little known hazards of digital media and fail to incorporate them into their campaign, planning, budget and success metrics.

How “Orange Is the New Black” can inspire your campaigns (iMediaConnection)
One of the summer’s most popular shows has found new and unique ways to reach its audience. Check out these strategic tips from the series.

A brief guide to viewability for digital advertisers (iMediaConnection)
With improving technology and better understanding of consumer behavior, the advertising industry is now reconsidering how we define an impression. Let’s take a look at what changes need to be made, and what new rules are being put into place.

Award Campaigns Won

Public Relations Services

I offer a competitive suite of public relations services without the high overhead fees required by most agencies. Because I am an individual, my overhead costs are nil and you simply pay for my time.

My approach is unique because I work at all times as a member of your team, not as an outsourced agency. I feel this creates a more sincere relationship with the press.

Press Release Writing & Distribution
Press releases are a great example of content marketing – shared with the media, employees, investors and board members alike – but also added to the company website and social media accounts for thorough reach and distribution. In writing a great press release, I am careful to articulate your news in a clear and simple manner while collaborating with internal resources to ensure that the facts are properly stated. Each press release is drafted according to SEO best practices to ensure a large reading audience.