Public Relations Services

My years as a senior digital advertising executive has given me tremendous hands-on skill in website development, analytics, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). When I combine these skills with my public relations expertise, I am able to multiply my success. I write press releases using SEO best practices, create marketing content such as viral videos and infographics, and write compelling blogs and social media posts that are actively read and shared by a growing audience.

I offer a competitive suite of public relations services without the high overhead fees required by most agencies. Because I am an individual, my overhead costs are nil and you simply pay for my time.

My approach is unique because I work at all times as a member of your team, not as an outsourced agency. I feel this creates a more sincere relationship with the press.


Press releases are a great example of content marketing – shared with the media, employees, investors and board members alike – but also added to the company website and social media accounts for thorough reach and distribution. In writing a great press release, I am careful to articulate your news in a clear and simple manner while collaborating with internal resources to ensure that the facts are properly stated. Each press release is drafted according to SEO best practices to ensure a large reading audience.


Being featured in the news or quoted as a subject matter expert is a great way to promote your brand and generate new sales; however, working with journalists should always be a mutually benefi¬cial relationship. I work to create these relationships with the press by never spamming them with press releases or non-newsworthy requests. Instead, I collaborate with my client to discover meaningful stories that contribute to the writer’s publication while presenting my client in the best possible light, resulting in a great article, blog, or interview that is interesting to read.


Being nominated for and winning awards is an effective strategy for publicizing your brand and earning valuable consumer trust. As your public relations manager, I handle award submission, award ceremony logistics, communications, a press release or press conference to announce the win, and inclusion of the award in relevant marketing communications going forward.


When a journalist requests a product sample, the manner and efficiency in which they receive the sample is vital to the perception of the company and product, alike. I work with clients to create a program that issues and collects product samples with white-glove service while minimizing the threat of lost or damaged merchandise.


Often misunderstood and constantly evolving, SEO is a method for connecting your online assets (website, landing pages, blogs, etc) with search engines through proper coding, linking, keyword structure and sitemaps. However, the content available online is even more important in attracting consumers.


Creating great content for your audience is crucial for any SEO strategy. In fact, Google’s “User-friendly Guide to SEO” states this very clearly when it explains, “creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.” A great content market strategy may include videos, photos, interactive content, infographics, downloads, artwork, white papers, press releases, articles, blogs, data sheets, and social media posts – all working in alignment with a strategic publishing calendar that supports a common theme or brand strategy.


Blogging is the most effective and simplest way to get fresh new content on the Web, right away. It’s not only a highly recommended SEO tactic, but it’s a great way to push information to your audience. I would create a blog to post press releases, new product information, respond to customer questions, and offer news and advice columns.


Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat are highly effective tools for building a following for your brand. By following your company on social media, consumers are saying, “I want to have a direct relationship with you” which can be a powerful two-way communication tool. Use social media to communicate directly with your customers on a broad stage. Social media can be useful in responding to customer compliments or complaints, sharing news about your products and services, recruiting employees, or offering fun and engaging content.


A “Thought Leader” is a persona created for a member of your innovation or leadership team that acts as an important spokesperson for your company. I work with your leadership teams to identify this person, then collaborate to develop writing and publish ideas to give shape to his or her views. I work to find opportunities for this person to be recognized, either in interviews, on stage or by participating in conferences, forums, and lobbies.


Vital to the success of any integrated public relations effort is the ability to measure audience and efficacy at every step. Utilizing reputable technologies, reports will be made available with commentary and analysis to help you know where you stand and where you are heading.


I utilize available technology to collect and identify press clippings in real-time, ensuring that published news is read, collected, and responded to (as necessary) with correctections.


Internal public relations are often overlooked, causing employees, executives, investors and board members to feel uniformed. This disconnect from the company’s external communications can contribute to low morale in the workplace or a general feeling that company news is not being shared with those who make it happen. For this reason, I create a thorough internal distribution network to ensure that company news reaches all corners of the office, creating an informed workplace.


Crisis management often includes a crafted response to negative information in the press. Examples of situations where crisis management may be needed includes addressing employee layoffs, the departure of key leadership members, conveying bad news to customers, or announcing office closures. I collaborate with company leadership to articulate a strategy and write messaging that ensures the crisis is handled with sensitivity and truth – and often, timing is everything.