Website Design and Development

Sales Tools

Custom sales tools are created with a thorough analysis and understanding of how you sales team communicates with customers. The result is a comprehensive suite of sales tools built to scale with the demands of your growing team. Sales materials can include infographics, sales brochures, executive presentations, posters, business cards, email templates, and letterhead.

Brand Design

Apparel Design

Packaging Design

Concept Drawing

Logo Design

A good logo is not just pleasant to look at. It’s a functional tool in your marketing toolbox and a key piece of your visual identity.

I designed this logo sign for a client and I just can’t say it enough: when you design a logo – don’t fall in love with it on paper or your computer screen. It’s important to visualize where the logo will go. Can you shrink it to fit on a business card and still read it? Can you enlarge it to hang it on the side of a building? Can it grow and evolve over time? Can it be silk screened onto a t-shirt without losing detail? Is it unique enough to be trademarked?