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4 Tips for Marketing a Challenger Brand

Challenger brands have always existed, however, the label is new. But “challengers” are more than just an underdog category of brands trying harder to topple their market leader. Being a challenger brand is a markedly different approach to running a company. Like breakout brands, stalwart brands, startups and legacy brands, challenger brands must operate within […]

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A brief history of ad blocking shows it’s not a new problem

The history of ad blocking is a virtual time machine of America’s inventors and their entrepreneurial spirit. It’s lineage may date back as far as 1928, inspired by two American cousins named Edward M. Knabish and Edwin J. Shoemaker, who partnered in a small furniture business located in Monroe, Michigan. They constructed a reclining, upholstered chair […]

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Immuno Gum in ADWEEK

Thrilled to have my client IMMUNO GUM and Chicklabs featured in today’s Adfreak column in ADWEEK MAGAZINE. College’s Hottest Guy and Hottest Girl Give Out Free Kisses in Ad Stunt for Gum  – Yeah, it’s a little awkward By Gabriel Beltrone, Adweek College students know that chewing gum is for making out. But Immuno Gum, […]

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