Does advertising work? Yes, but not always in the way the advertiser intends. A good advertisement is best when backed by a quality brand that can effectively provision the advertised product or service. In my opinion, a good ad can garner 1 of 3 potential responses:

“I don’t want or need this product and I will not buy it.” (Lack of Desire)
“I do want or need this product but I will not buy from the advertised vendor.” (Distrust of Brand)
“I want or need the product but I will buy from the advertised vendor.” (Effective ad + Brand)
In response #1, as marketers, one of our jobs is to create desire, which a good ad can do (without being deceptive, of course.) In response #2, it is the marketer’s responsibility to build a quality brand before we advertise it. In response #3, we have done our job by creating an effective brand that consumers want to shop with, then attracting customers with a quality ad.

Today, I had the privilege of doing some work for a new client, Sincerus Solutions. They have a good brand, good people, and offer a stellar level of customer service. For them, I believe the ad will be a solid #3.